Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Outside Looking In

When you struggle with infertility, you often find yourself feeling like you're on the outside looking in. Like you're desperately wanting to be a member of this exclusive club, but they're not accepting new memberships at this time. You can feel stuck, like your life is frozen, not moving forward...or more like the world is passing you by, while you're forced to stay the same. You can also feel like you're running out of time (the biological clock phenomenon).

Parking lot signs like this are no help at all:

(Photo taken at HEB)

Don't get me wrong, being pregnant should entitle you to certain privileges - and Lord willing, someday I hope to receive said privileges, but a parking spot? Really?? Obviously, handicapped parking spaces makes sense. But HEB also has parking spaces next to handicapped for Mothers with Young Children...I think they're pushing the limits a bit there...Now they have this sign. What's next, Reserved for Pet Owners? (At least I qualify for that one!) Reserved for Those Having a Bad Day? Reserved for The Unemployed? Let's not go overboard with parking privileges.

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