Monday, March 4, 2013

Hindsight Series

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As I previously promised, I will begin blogging tomorrow a 4-part series about hindsight. Each of the 4 posts will feature one woman. But not just any woman...a woman who at one point in her life was right where I am today. Waiting patiently (and sometimes not so patiently) for the Lord to answer her prayers and deepest heart's desire to grow her family. A woman who knows what it feels like to wait on the Lord's perfect timing. A woman who knows what each month's disappointment feels like. A woman who has a scar from all the knife-probing questions and insensitive comments from others. A woman who had her fair share of tears, doubts, fears, and frustrations. A woman who was familiar with years of waiting, doctor's appointments, infertility treatments, or adoption papers.

But the special thing about each woman is that all of the pain and anxiety associated with the struggles above is now over. They are now on the other side. Each woman is now past the chapter of infertility in their lives. Each woman now sees, looking into the eyes of each of her children, that all of the tears and heartache was worth the wait. They now see clearly why God had them wait to receive each child: because God wanted them to receive their specific child, who has a very special purpose.

So beginning tomorrow, and for the next four days, let's allow ourselves to step into the shoes of another. To hear her story, and reap of the wisdom and life lessons that each learned as a result of their struggle. Let's take a sneak peak at the other side.

Part 1: Amanda's Story
Part 2: Charissa's Story
Part 3: Jenny's Story
Part 4: Sonia's Story

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