Friday, March 25, 2011

Go Back to Start


Well, it's day 2 of  a new cycle...
I made it until day 32 to take a pregnancy test and it was negative. But, my temperatures kept staying up there, and my period had not started. I even saw some spotting on day 33, which was 14 days past ovulation, which isn't unheard of for implantation bleeding. The spotting cleared up for another 2 days, and I kept thinking I was experiencing symptoms (sensitivity to smells, tender breasts). I took a second test on day 36 (which turned out to be day 1 because I started my period later that day) and it was negative of course. I finally saw my temperature lower slightly on this day and sure enough I started. In summary, 35 day cycle, ovulation on day 19 (I think), and 16 day luteal phase.

"Sorry, go back to start!" Just like the board game, SORRY, I felt like I was almost home but got jumped on at the last minute before entering the safe zone (they say if your luteal phase is over 16 days long, you are likely pregnant). Of course in reality, there was no fertilized egg, so I really wasn't that close to anything, it just felt that way to me during the 2+ week wait.

Like I said before, though, a new beginning is also a good thing because with every unsuccessful cycle that passes, I learn something new. From this past cycle, I learned that I have a healthy luteal phase length that should be able to allow enough time for implantation if a fertilized egg is present. I also learned by looking back at my notes that we need to really time sex well and I need to drink a lot more water than I have been. I've always been a little bad about drinking the "right" amount of water every day...sometime less than 2 cups for the whole day, including exercise that day. I know, it's bad. Well, I noticed that I had several days this past cycle that I described my cervical stuff as white and sticky, but very stretchy. It dawned on me that maybe that is supposed to be obvious fertile eggwhite fluid, but it's too thick because my body doesn't have enough water. So, I'm being diligent so far about getting at least 8 cups a day, more if I can help it. Hopefully that will help. Also this upcoming cycle, I will be temping and actively recording cervical fluid and sensations according to the Fertility Awareness Method. I hope to learn even more this month!

Lord, no matter what the result of this new cycle is, I will praise You. Please give me patience and strength  to wait for Your will and timing, and not expect my own.

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