Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lucky Number 8.5

I have a praise to share!

On March 2nd I had my blood tested for the second time to see what my progesterone level is (it was my cycle day 22). Dr. H. herself called me this past Friday to tell me the result, that my progesterone looked normal, at 8.5. (The first time I had it tested in summer 2011 with my former OB/GYN it was 7. Then I went to Dr. S. who put me on daily progesterone cream to help supplement my low level.) According to the medical profession, a mid-luteal progesterone level for non-pregnant women is about 8-10, so I'm in the normal range now.

This result was encouraging to hear. However, this also means that there is still no medical explanation for our lack of conceiving children.

But I'm okay with that. I'm thankful that everything in our bodies appears to be healthy and working properly. So perhaps there is only a spiritual explanation for our situation - that the Lord is still wanting to grow us during this time, and that He is still using us as pre-parents to serve His kingdom, so our time of waiting isn't "done yet". We still feel at peace with waiting, and not pursuing any medical options (IUI, etc.).

Our prayer requests:
*Endurance through waiting
*Patience for God's plan, whenever it will unfold
*Be open to God's will, whatever it may be and however it unfolds
*Inextinguishable hope and joy, especially when tempted with doubts, fears, and worries
*Purposefulness during this time of waiting

Thank you all for your love and support!


  1. That's great news, Christine! We are looking forward to seeing you next weekend.

  2. Great news to hear. I am so impressed by your continued positive attitude. Thanks for listing your prayer request, it’s good to know how we can lift you up more specifically.