Tuesday, July 2, 2013



How long must I pray before You answer me
How long must I wait before Your plan is revealed to me
How long, O Lord, how long

How many more birthdays will pass with empty arms
How many more mother’s days will pass with silence
How many more father’s days will pass with no celebration
How many more, O Lord, how many more

How come so many ask me if I have children
How come so many friends don’t understand
How come I feel like I’m the only one dealing with this
How come, O Lord, how come

How is it that so many conversations involve one’s children
How is it that most commercials I see target mothers
How is it that most churches don’t have a place for someone like me
How is it, O Lord, how is it

How do I deal with all these bumps in my road
How do I handle the silence and waiting
How do I hold onto hope and faith
How do I, O Lord, how do I

God I need You
I need You to guide me
I need You to answer me
I need You to carry me
I need You to tell me how

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