Friday, January 11, 2013

An Empty Room

One night before bed, my heart was filled with these words, so I wrote them down in a pseudo poem. The intention is not to be a fancy, formal poem, but more to just bear my heart and share with you all.


An Empty Room

An empty room. An empty womb.
When the sun sets on your plans
Leaving your dreams unfulfilled
You must choose.

How will you face the night?
How will you face the day?
Time will pass. Life will go on.
With or without you.
With or without your heart's desires.

You feel left behind.
Stuck in time.
Unable to move on.
Not understanding why.
Not understanding why not.

You must choose.
How will you pass the time?
How will you endure the wait?
Whose voice will you listen to?
Whose light will you follow?

Choose wisely, dear one.
For only one path leads to truth.
Only one path is straight.
Only one leaves you full.

Full of peace.
Full of love.
Full of joy.
Full of hope.
Let the light of the Lord
Show you the way.

Do not despair.
Your prayers are heard.
Your every hair is numbered.
Your every tear is collected.

You are never alone
When you have the Lord in your heart.
You are never hopeless
When you know who you are
And to Whom you belong.

A childless woman. No.
A failure and broken. No.
Unworthy and guilty. No.
A child of God. Most surely, yes.

Cling to the Truth
With every bit of strength you possess.
Run to your Savior
And never, ever forget.

One day your time will come.
One day your tears will cease.
One day your heart will overflow
Because one day your room will be full.

Hope & Love,


  1. This is beautiful, Christine! Love you!

  2. Christine,
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem. You do not know me, but a few months ago during a very dark personal time, I came across your blog and have been following it ever since. My husband and I have been dealing with our own struggle with infertility for over a year a half. Many times I have questioned God and His presence during this emotional journey. Reading your blog has helped restore my faith and trust in our Savior, and has given me a place to go for guidance and comfort. I honestly cannot thank you enough for sharing your own personal struggle as well as scripture and words of encouragement, because it has certainly strengthened my relationship with God during an extremely difficult time. As hard as it is to do, my husband and I know we must trust His plan for us, even when it is much different than our own. We will continue to keep you and your husband in our prayers.

    Your Sister in Christ,
    Amber :)

  3. Amber,

    Thank you for commenting, because it always encourages me to hear stories from others about how something that I sometimes think may be insignificant has somehow helped another person. I'm always in awe of how God chooses to work through us imperfect beings. :)

    I am sorry to hear that you too are struggling with infertility, but I'm so thankful that you are still leaning on God to get you through it. He is so faithful, and I'm confident that He has a beautiful plan ahead for you and your husband. I too have added you and your husband to my personal prayer list, and will be praying that God continues to strengthen and lead you during this time.

    Hang in there!